Music by Denise

Can’t get enough of Denise McCurdy’s enchanting music at events? Now, you can bring her melodious tunes to your home and car! Denise’s CDs, including the captivating “Under a Tartan Texas Sky” from her Celtic Comfort collection, are available for purchase in Comfort, Texas, and Eastport, Maine. Immerse yourself in the fusion of Celtic influences and Texan charm, capturing the essence of Denise’s deep musical roots.

Exciting news for music enthusiasts — Denise is exploring avenues to make her CDs more accessible. Stay tuned for the possibility of finding Denise McCurdy’s musical creations on popular platforms like Amazon and other online stores in the near future. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the soulful melodies crafted by this Texas native.

Meditations on the Word

Instrumental Music by Denise McCurdy

Beyond the Horizon

Fiddle Chick, Picky and Plucky

Celtic Comfort

Under a tartan Texas Sky

Autum in Eastport

Fiddlechick and Picky

Tails of Quoddy Bay

Music written by Denise McCurdy

More is coming soon.