Check out the videos from Celtic Comfort

Celtic Comfort, founded by Denise McCurdy, is a vibrant Celtic band rooted in the heart of Comfort, Texas. Known for their enchanting performances, the band traverses the hill country, spreading Celtic melodies that captivate audiences. A highlight in their schedule includes gracing the main stage for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in San Antonio. The band’s website features videos offering glimpses into their dynamic performances, showcasing snippets from various events, including the spirited St. Patty’s Day celebration in San Antonio.

Celtic Comfort’s diverse repertoire extends to local venues, such as Food for the Soul Bistro in Comfort, where their music adds a special touch to the ambiance. Additionally, the band is a staple at the annual Christmas in Comfort event, where they command the main stage, becoming an integral part of the festive tradition.

For those interested in hiring Celtic Comfort for events or reaching out to Denise McCurdy directly, the band encourages using the contact form available on their website. This streamlined approach ensures a seamless connection for potential collaborations and engagements.